Renewing SAS for Linux at the Command line

sudo /usr/local/SAS/SASFoundation/9.3/sassetup

That gives you this:

Welcome to SAS Setup, the program used to renew your SAS software.

Some conventions used throughout SAS Setup are:
       *   indicates which menu selection is the default choice
     ( )   indicates the default response to a prompt
       !   starts a sub-shell on your system
       h   displays help for a menu selection or prompt
       g   goes back to a previous menu selection or prompt
       q   quits SAS Setup at any point

Setup Utilities Menu
* 1.  Renew SAS Software
   g: Go back   q: Quit    h: Help
Action? (1)

If you continue, you can specify your SETINIT file:

SAS Installation Data (SID) is a text file required to install a customized
version of SAS. The SID was e-mailed to your SAS Installation Representative. If
you would like to receive the SID via e-mail now, please use URL to retrieve it
before continuing the installation.

Specify the file containing SAS Installation Data.

Press return, and hopefully you'll see:

SAS Installation Data retrieved successfully.


Applying SAS Installation Data
Please wait...

SAS Installation Data application is complete.


Ubuntu 64, SAS 9.2 & What I DO all Day
Usage Note 10838: When updating the SAS 9 license, "ERROR: 180-322: Statement is not valid or it is used out of proper order" error message appears

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