Drupal History

CCK - The New Fragrance

A little fun this morning. I had a great talk with Jacob Redding yesterday as part of his academic work on open source communities. We talked a bit about the early times of Drupal, including the heady days in Antwerp in 2005 when the ideas for what was to become CCK and then fields-in-core were being explored, debated, and scrawled on whiteboards. I thought I'd share this creation by Steven Wittens. He whipped it up late one night after a long day of architectural discussions. It's been on the wall of my office for years.

Letter to Dries, July 2004

At Drupalcon 2008, one question I was asked a number of times was "how did you get involved with Drupal?" Here's one of my first letters to Dries, after discovering Drupal in 2004. Interesting to think about how far we've come since then.

Hi Dries,

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