It's shipping!

The book is finally making its way into hands of eager developers. Time for a bit of reflection. Writing this book was like one long code sprint. Because many topics couldn't be written about until the Drupal 5 codebase was frozen, we stacked a lot of the writing towards the end of the cycle. That meant that often we were each writing a new chapter, soliciting informal reviews from experts in a topic area from within the Drupal community, reviewing a chapter in the technical edit phase, and reviewing a chapter in the copy edit phase simultaneously.

Drupal book printed

A box arrived today. Inside...copies of Pro Drupal Development hot off the press!

Off to the Printer

As we were writing the Drupal book, Matt and I frequently wondered how many pages it would come out to. We estimated about 300 pages.

When the book went to the printer, the total page count was just above 450.

Online/Offline Applications

Joyent is a company that offers shared and virtual hosting. I was able to get an opinion of their approach from some people whose opinions I respect at the recent OSCMS conference, and have pretty much decided not to go with them for my hosting needs (I'm currently looking for a hosting service).



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