Daily Paul moves to a VPS

In Drupal, Grassroots Political Activism and the Ron Paul Campaign I mentioned the site Daily Paul. Michael Nystrom, who runs the site, was seeing serious performance problems as the site became more popular. This is Michael's first site with Drupal, but he had made all the right moves: using throttle.module, turning on caching and CSS optimization, and even upgrading to a faster hosting plan.


Drupal, Grassroots Political Activism and the Ron Paul Campaign

There is a battle going on for the control of information. The powers that be (traditional news outlets) are increasingly being challenged by widespread independent media sources including bloggers and journalism-enabling sites like NowPublic. It is the difference between "Good evening. This is what the news is." and "What is going on in the world? I'll find out." The change from one to the other is inevitable.


Pro Drupal Development on Slashdot

Writing an action for Drupal 6

Note: this applies to the development version of Drupal 6 as of June 12, 2007 with the actions patch applied.

Actions are atomic functions that can be assigned to run at different times during runtime. For example, you could have an action that emails a user and have that run when a node is inserted. Or when a comment is deleted. Or when a user logs in.


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