How to Speed up Drupal Forum Pages on a Busy Site

Drupal 5's forum module is OK. It lets you create multiple forums with taxonomy terms. Forum posts are true nodes so you get all the benefits of nodeness. And Drupal keeps track of which posts you've read. All that is great. But I've had some trouble scaling up a site that relies heavily on the forum module, even when using advcache. Investigating how the database was spending its time, I found lots of queries like this:


Multistep Forms with Lookup Functions that Change Values

A number of people lately have been asking about how to change the values of form fields in multistep forms. So I wrote up an example.

Here we have a simple multistep form that lets you enter the name of a U.S. state, such as Iowa. Note the form has a default value.

Then, upon clicking the Lookup button, the value "Iowa" is replaced with a standardized state abbreviation, IA.


FCKEditor toolbar will not appear - solution

When using FCKEditor as a WYSIWYG editor in Drupal, if you've double-checked all your settings and you can't get the formatting toolbar to appear, check to make sure that your template (e.g. page.tpl.php) is printing out the $closure variable. Thanks, latentdabbler.


Using Word 2007 Blog functionality to post to Drupal via the MetaWeblog API

First, I enabled the Blog API module on my Drupal site.

Then under Administer - Site Configuration - Blog APIs, I enabled the content type to which I want Word 2007 to publish to (just page in my case).

In Word 2007, I clicked on the round Office Button at the upper left of the screen and selected New.

I selected New blog post from the Microsoft Office Online template, then clicked the Create button.

I chose Other when asked about the provider:



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