What Pro Drupal Development is, and What it Is Not

As copies of Pro Drupal Development, Second Edition hit the streets, I'd like to take a moment to clarify what the book is and what it is not.

Pro Drupal Development, Second Edition arrives

The author's copies of Pro Drupal Development, Second Edition arrived today. At 667 pages, the book is significantly thicker than the first edition!

Second edition progress

I thought I'd update everyone on the progress of the second edition of Pro Drupal Development.

The second edition will cover Drupal 6, and is expanded to cover new core topics like actions, triggers, AHAH, etc.

Workflow 5.x-2.0 released

I've finally got a project that uses the workflow module so I've been able to justify putting some time into it. As a result, I've released version 5.x-2.0. This version of workflow works with the 5.x-2.x version of actions, which is the backport of Drupal-6-style actions to Drupal 5.


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