Changing Drupal database URLs programmatically from the command line

I had a need today to batch-change a lot of database connection strings in Drupal installations. You might need to do this if you have a lot of sites and are switching from webserver-and-database-server-on-the-same-box to Drupal with a separate database server. Here were some handy shell commands that I used.

Find all the settings.php files in this directory tree:

find /var/www/html -name settings.php -print

Show all the current database connection strings (make sure no one's looking over your shoulder!):


Slides from Batch vs. Queue: an API Smackdown

Here are the slides and the two testing modules from my presentation at DrupalCon San Francisco 2010. The modules run on Drupal 7.

Slides from Batch vs Queue: an API Smackdown (5.8 MB PDF)


Performance presentation, Des Moines Web Geeks

Matt Nuzum, the webmaster of ubuntu.com, invited me to speak at the Des Moines Web Geeks meeting last night. The venue, Impromptu Studios, was a bit hard to find.

Drupal on Cover of Information Week

Look what's on the cover of the November 17, 2008 issue of Information Week! Drupal is mentioned several times throughout their series on open source.



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