Slides from DrupalCamp Iowa 2011

Here are the slides from my morning presentation at yesterday's "DrupalCorn" DrupalCamp in Des Moines, Iowa. The presentation was designed to be a brief high-level overview of Drupal.

Introduction to Drupal 7 Architecture (PDF, 1.8MB)


Pro Drupal Development, Third Edition arrives

The author's copies of Pro Drupal 7 Development, Third Edition arrived today.

This is the first edition in which I was not at all involved. In fact, I did not even get to see it until page proofs came out, at which point I corrected over 300 errors in the proofs over a weekend.

Although this book is thinner physically than the second edition, the pages are actually wider and there are more of them: 689 pages all told vs. 667 in the second edition. That's the third edition on the bottom in the picture below.

Here's the traditional picture of me and the little guy. Time flies!

Drupal In BSD Magazine

Drupal is featured in the October 2010 issue of BSD Magazine (email address required to download).

Solr Multicore with Drupal Apachesolr Module

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Here's Apache Solr in a multicore setup with two cores, one named hhpn and one named picdinfo. I thought this setup was nice because it allows one site to use the schema from the apachesolr 6.x-1.2 release and one site to use the schema from the 6.x-2.x-dev branch.




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