Solved: Sensu won't start after upgrade to 0.23.2-2

After upgrading to Sensu 0.23.2-2 on RHEL 6.8 the Sensu server would not start. The logs looked like this:


Installing sensu-admin on RHEL6

Sensu-Admin is a nice GUI for the Sensu monitoring framework. However, installing it on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 ends in pain, since RHEL6 comes with an older version of ruby (1.8).

You might be creative and get most of the required gems installed but ultimately there will be gems that simply require ruby 1.9:

Installing rpy2 2.3.x and numpy on RHEL6

R from EPEL has been updated to version 3.

We would like to run rpy2 but as of rpy2 version 2.3.x, it requires Python 2.7.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 comes with Python 2.6.

So we need Python 2.7 so we can use rpy2 2.3 so we can use R 3.

The solution is to create a Python virtualenv containing Python 2.7 and install rpy2 in there. That way a user can log in and get Python 2.7 when they type python at the command line.


Moving MySQL Binary Logs to a New LVM Logical Volume

I had a RHEL6 machine with lots of large MySQL binary log files in /var/log/mysql and was in need of more space on that volume. I am running MySQL 5.5 from IUS.

The system had an unused LVM logical volume. So I proceeded to mount the LVM logical volume at /var/log/mysql so that binary logs would get written to the logical volume.

Step one: unmount the logical volume

Not strictly necessary for a rename but a nice precaution.


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