Workflow 5.x-2.0 released

I've finally got a project that uses the workflow module so I've been able to justify putting some time into it. As a result, I've released version 5.x-2.0. This version of workflow works with the 5.x-2.x version of actions, which is the backport of Drupal-6-style actions to Drupal 5. Thanks to mfredrickson and JacobSingh, intrepid workflow maintainers.

I plan to add the ability to change node workflow state while adding a comment to a node before continuing with a Drupal 6 version.

Pre-OSCMS Summit

I've updated the session description for the actions/workflow session that Matt Westgate and I are putting together for the upcoming OSCMS Summit. So far 44 people are signed up for the session. Wow! That's enough that we've split the session into smaller working groups after a brief intro.

When I mentioned that I was going to Vancouver, a colleague mentioned The Salmon House.


I've updated the information on the actions/workflow session at the upcoming Drupal Conference in Vancouver.

Drupal has a bright future. Recently merlinofchaos added CCK support to the views module. That means you can now create arbitrary content types and view them in predefined ways that, thanks to sortable tables and the pager, are still interactive. At the CCK design meetings in Antwerp, we had planned CCK views to be deferred until after CCK's adoption. Wow -- it's already here.

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