Pubcookie, LDAP and Drupal

Checked in the new version of the pubcookie module, which now has configurable support for LDAP. I also added LDAP-to-profile mapping. When a new user logs in with pubcookie, the LDAP query can populate the user's profile if you've made profile field names match your directory server's field names. That's the Way it Should Be. Single-sign on with zero manual data entry.

All right, I'll be's not really the Way it Should Be, because Mary is going to get married and change her name, and her Drupal site profile is not going to update automatically. But at least she can edit her profile. (Chances are her LDAP entry isn't updated yet, anyway.)

Pubcookie module

Finished the pubcookie module for Drupal today. (Hmm, project module's url aliasing for projects seems to be broken on I'd expect it to be at I began adding support for LDAP population of new users, but decided to check it in before feature creep set in too much.

I learn something new from sepeck almost every day. Click the track tab on that page to see how prolific he is. Today I learned the proper place for module documentation.


Spent a good part of the day writing a module to enable pubcookie-based authentication in Drupal. Unfortunately pubcookie works a little differently than Drupal's built-in distributed authentication expects, as the username and password are not entered into Drupal's login form but on a separate, secure server.

user.module is a little hairy. I should clarify; I spent little time writing the module (that's easy) and more time tracing paths of execution for authentication.


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