Custom Reporting for CrashPlan PRO using Python and the REST API

CrashPlan PRO has some nice reports but sometimes you just want to dump raw data so you can do your own thing with it.

Here's an example of how to use the CrashPlan PRO REST API to dump out tab-delimited columns of data. Output looks like this:

Computer User GB Email OS IP Server Last Connect
optiplex745 Doe, Jane 25 Windows 7 6.1 1 2011-01-18T09:29:27.332-06:00
optiplex760 Doe, John 20 Windows XP 5.1 1 2011-01-18T06:19:27.257-06:00
macbookpro Doe, Jenny 81 Mac OS X 10.6.6 1 2011-01-18T09:25:18.946-06:00

The script is attached below as a text file. To run it just use python scriptname at the command line on the CrashPlan server. It's just a modification of one of the examples at the CrashPlan API Architecture page. You can do much more with the API than this lowly querying and reporting.

I'm running on OS X 10.5.8 (we use old Macs for CrashPlan servers since it takes very little CPU) and I had to install Python 2.7.x using the PPC installer; the stock Python in 10.5 is ancient.

Plain text icon userreport.txt4.84 KB

CrashPlan PRO and Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 7

I updated two servers using my normal upgrade process and all is well. My process:

  1. Stop CrashPlan

  2. Clone server using SuperDuper! with the Smart Update option
  3. Install update
  4. Restart server
  5. Start CrashPlan
  6. Verify that everything is working
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