Installing PHP 5.2 (or 5.3) on RHEL5 the easy way

Just replace the stock PHP with one from the IUS Community project.

wget http://dl.iuscommunity.org/pub/ius/stable/Redhat/5.5/x86_64/ius-release-1.0-6.ius.el5.noarch.rpm
rpm -Uvh ius-release-1.0-6.ius.el5.noarch.rpm
yum install yum-plugin-replace
rpm -qa | grep php
yum replace php --replace-with php52
/sbin/service httpd restart



Moving /tmp to RAM and pleasing SELinux on RHEL5

On a box that had lots of unused memory, I decided to move /tmp to memory. But getting SELinux to stop complaining was a challenge. I would get log entries in /var/log/messages like

kernel: SELinux: security_context_to_sid(system_u:object_r:tmp_t) failed for (dev tmpfs, type tmpfs) errno=-22

Here is the line that I added to /etc/fstab that caused it to mount correctly:


Hyper-V + Opteron 6100 + RHEL5 = Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception

I'm trying out Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 R2. My first attempt is to create a VM running Red Hat 5.5. This is what I get after the initial screen:

The VM has 2GB of memory which should be plenty (I upped it to 4GB and got the same result). I get a slightly different message when using 32-bit instead of 64-bit:


Setting Up GeoIP Lookup in awstats on RHEL5

I assume awstats (and awstats-selinux) are already installed.


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