Solution to Invalid command 'PubcookieAppID'

When setting up Pubcookie, you may encounter an "Internal Server Error" in your browser and the following error in /var/log/httpd/ssl_error_log (or wherever you're keeping your SSL error log):

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 on Dell OptiPlex 990 Initial Impressions

I received a Dell OptiPlex 990 and installed RHEL5 on it. Some preliminary observations:

  • I wanted a RAID 1, so I reached for a trusty 3ware 8006-2LP, which is a 64-bit-capable SATA RAID PCI card that I typically run in a 32-bit PCI slot. But the OptiPlex 990 has placed a heatsink directly behind the PCI slot. The card can't physically fit in the slot because the heatsink is in the way. That led to my next adventure.

Nonparsing Apache Log Messages Solved

I set up a new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 webserver but the nightly emails from logwatch were complaining about logs not being parsed correctly:

--------------------- httpd Begin ------------------------

This is a listing of log lines that were not parsed correctly.
Perhaps the variable $LogFormat in file conf/services/http.conf
is not correct?


Logrotate configuration file for Apache Solr on RHEL5

I'm running Solr using Jetty and logging to /var/log/solr.log.

This log is growing so I added a logrotate entry at /etc/logrotate.d/solr as follows:

# Logrotate file for /var/log/solr.log
/var/log/solr.log {
   rotate 5
   size 10M
     /sbin/service solr restart

Since this is a new file, the SELinux security context is off for /etc/logrotate.d/solr:


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