Solved: Apple Mail, Smart Mailboxes, and Exchange Junk Email

One of the nice features of Mail, the bundled OS X mail client, is Smart Mailboxes. A smart mailbox is a filtered view of your mail based on your own criteria.

I have both IMAP and Exchange accounts and use Mail for both.

Using a Polycom CX300 USB Phone with Communicator for Mac 13 in Office 2011

Where I work we have the option to use Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007R2 (now known as Microsoft Lync). When Office 2011 for Mac came out, I and other Macintosh users rejoiced, as we could now join the ranks of people sending and receiving phone calls from our computers (in the previous version, Macintosh users could receive -- but not send! -- calls).

Solved: Mac Pro Losing Connection to USB Kinesis Keyboard

I've been having a frustrating problem lately. I use a Kinesis Advantage contoured keyboard and I love it. My current computer is a 2006 Mac Pro. The problem is that randomly the keyboard will cease to be recognized by the Mac. I wondered if the aging Mac was developing flaky USB controllers.

If I reboot the Mac (which I can do, since the mouse still works) everything is fine.

But a keyboard that randomly stops working is not a pleasant thing.


Anonymizing Reviewer Identity in Microsoft Word 2011 with Ruby and Automator

Microsoft Word 2011 lets you turn on the Track Changes feature and distribute your files to friends and colleagues. You can then see their comments and corrections.

Now consider the case of an editor of a scientific journal. The workflow goes something like this:

  1. Receive article from fresh-faced graduate student.


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