Workflow 5.x-2.0 released

I've finally got a project that uses the workflow module so I've been able to justify putting some time into it. As a result, I've released version 5.x-2.0. This version of workflow works with the 5.x-2.x version of actions, which is the backport of Drupal-6-style actions to Drupal 5.

Slides from Drupalcon Boston 2008

Video of the presentation I gave at Drupalcon Boston 2008, titled Triggers and Actions and Hooks, Oh, My! should be appearing shortly. (In the meantime, here's me babbling about actions.) The slides are downloadable below.

Drupalcon 2008 actions session

The session I proposed, Triggers and Actions and Hooks, Oh My! has been accepted at Drupalcon Boston 2008. I will be presenting the new capabilities of Drupal 6 in this area, from the big ideas to the nitty gritty. The session will be Tuesday afternoon from 5-6 pm, just before the Acquia Conference Social.

Writing an action for Drupal 6

Note: this applies to the development version of Drupal 6 as of June 12, 2007 with the actions patch applied.

Actions are atomic functions that can be assigned to run at different times during runtime. For example, you could have an action that emails a user and have that run when a node is inserted. Or when a comment is deleted. Or when a user logs in.

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