Blast2GO BLAST results not opening in Mac web browser

If you use Blast2GO on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (and haven't been derailed completely by Apple moving Java Web Start around), you might have run into the issue of not being able to view BLAST results in a web browser. Blast2GO even helpfully opens a window for you to choose which browser you want to use, but no matter what you select, nothing happens. Except the following gets written to the Application Messages pane:

Error with choosen Browser! /Applications/ cannot execute

The solution is to tell Blast2GO which browser you want to use. You do that by specifying a path in the file. You can find the file at /Users/yourusername/blast2go/

When you open the file in your text editor* you'll see a property entry under User Pathes (sic) called BlastBrowser.Explorer. You may be tempted to put /Applications/ here or even, if you're clever, /Applications/ But don't do that. Firefox will just complain at you about more than one instance running at a time. Rather, use /usr/bin/open and it will automatically launch the appropriate browser.

// User Pathes

I ensured that Firefox was the default application to open .fcgi files by creating a text file called foo.fcgi and then selecting Get Info. Probably unnecessary because /usr/bin/open opens URLs in the default browser anyway.

*I used TextWrangler -- if you're still opening files in TextEdit do yourself a favor and download TextWrangler, then make it the default text editor.