Pubcookie, LDAP and Drupal

Checked in the new version of the pubcookie module, which now has configurable support for LDAP. I also added LDAP-to-profile mapping. When a new user logs in with pubcookie, the LDAP query can populate the user's profile if you've made profile field names match your directory server's field names. That's the Way it Should Be. Single-sign on with zero manual data entry.

All right, I'll be's not really the Way it Should Be, because Mary is going to get married and change her name, and her Drupal site profile is not going to update automatically. But at least she can edit her profile. (Chances are her LDAP entry isn't updated yet, anyway.)


I am trying to get pubcookie 5.x-1.0 working with Drupal 5.3. I've got pubcookie working with my Apache 2.2.3 web server. The Drupal pubcookie module is installed and sort of works. That is, when I invoke Drupal's pubcookie login, I'm taken to the pubcookie login server where I authenticate and am returned to my webserver. Once there, I get a Drupal "page not found" message. This happens regardless of whether the pubcookie "Successful login URL:" is set to my web server's base URL, a node in the Drupal content, or a URL on a completely different machine.

Can you suggest a reason why pubcookie fails in this way?