Growth of Drupal

Others are posting on Drupal's growth today. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are 2000 words on the subject:

Antwerp, 2005

Boston, 2008



Wow wow wow. Thanks for posting, John, and thanks for being along for the ride so far...

Wow, very impressive! In the Boston picture, is this 800 people? A lot of people are outside of the picture, aren't they?

Comparing the unique visitors per day of in 2005 and in 2008 would be also impressive...

I think thats 800 people allright. In college I often have classes with 800 people in a room and then it looks about the same amount of people as the bunch on the picture.

Roughly 25 in the first row. Four rows = 100 people. How many rows? Do the math! Easily 800 odd people!

This is really impressive growth.
Every drupaler should be proud.

These two pictures are excellent illustration of path Drupal passed in past three years.

Contrast between 2005. photo with handful of enthusiasts and 2008. photo featuring hundreds of community representatives is quite astonishing.

Thanks for the link John ;-)

- neoliminal