Using Word 2007 Blog functionality to post to Drupal via the MetaWeblog API

First, I enabled the Blog API module on my Drupal site.

Then under Administer - Site Configuration - Blog APIs, I enabled the content type to which I want Word 2007 to publish to (just page in my case).

In Word 2007, I clicked on the round Office Button at the upper left of the screen and selected New.

I selected New blog post from the Microsoft Office Online template, then clicked the Create button.

I chose Other when asked about the provider:

I chose the MetaWebLog API, which Drupal supports. The Blog Post URL being requested is the URL of your site plus xmlrpc.php. The username and password are the Drupal username and password.

I am not exploring image support at this time, so I clicked on Picture Options and chose None - Don't upload pictures.

I then typed in my blog post and clicked the friendly Publish button in the Word 2007 Blog Toolbar, and...happy happy, my post appeared on my blog.



Besides word 2007, another better tool is blogjet, it allows you to post your blogs directly from your desktop, using a WYSIWYG interface that lets you format the text, insert pictures, links and more. it can support WordPress, TypePad, Movable Type, Blogger, Drupal, ... etc. easy to use and fun.

This is a very good featured and I think there are other several tools for posting directly from desktop using an advanced text editor like Word.

Here is another good tool to post to your blog directly from desktop

Images upload support without FTP via metaweblog protocol would be a great option, but i still cannot tune up drupal 6.5 and word 2007 to enable image publicaton.
Still searching for clues.