MapServer and Drupal

I've been working with MapServer a bit. I needed to spit out maps of states with counties painted different colors depending on a count. Wouldn't it be nice to have a function you could call and pass it the name of the state, an array of county-count pairs, a legend setting which count ranges get which colors, and a width and height? It'd be nice if it had a smart caching function, too.

So I present a tiny but fun maps.module, in a contrib cvs repository near you. And if you're a MapServer wizard, improvements are welcome.


I am trying to do something similar to what you describe - a nice interaction between mapserver (dinamically generating maps from a database with lots of tables and values) and drupal (as an user interface which can show meta-information on the map features, etc.).

I have looked at several existing modules for drupal 6 (openlayers, geo, etc.). However, none seems to serve the purpose.

I wonder if you had any further developments on this module of yours or if you would recommend some current solution for this.


That one didn't go anywhere.