Pubcookie for Drupal 4.7

I've just committed a version of the pubcookie module that's compatible with Drupal 4.7. I also added a bit to the README to explain how the pubcookie module works:

When you click on the Log In link provided by the pubcookie block, it takes you to the directory you specified for "Login directory" under admin > settings > pubcookie (by default, 'login'). The pubcookie module takes this path, adds "pc" (an arbitrary string) to the end of it and -- and here's the key -- registers it as a menu item in the menu hook. So now is not a nonexistent file but a registered Drupal path that is "located" inside a directory that's protected by a .htaccess file restricting the contents to pubcookie-server-authenticated users. So when you reach that path, the pubcookie module receives a call to pubcookie_page() and goes from there.