Good job, G-Tech

I've been buying G-DRIVE external hard drives since firing LaCie. G-Tech drives were formerly made by Fabrik, which was bought out by Hitachi last year.

I had my first G-DRIVE hard drive failure happen, on a 1TB G-DRIVE Q (for quad interface: eSATA, USB 2.0, and Firewire 400/800). There was no data loss since this particular drive was the primary drive on a Mac Mini, and I've been using the excellent SuperDuper! to do scheduled cloning from the external drive to the Mini's internal drive. Thus, when the external hard drive failed, the Mini silently failed over to the internal drive. But I digress.

Two weeks after getting an RMA number and shipping the drive back, I received a package from Hitachi. I expected the old enclosure back, possibly with a refurbished drive in it. Instead, a brand-new 2TB drive. That's right, 2TB instead of 1TB. New power supply and everything. Even a Firewire 400-to-800 cable enclosed.

Thanks, Hitachi.