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Posted in: 2021
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Solved: Apache won't serve files from external drive on macOS 2021-Dec-08
Posted in: 2020
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How I Got Stable Wifi 2020-Jun-06
Latest bash on Catalina with MacPorts 2020-Mar-03
Posted in: 2016
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Solved: Sensu won't start after upgrade to 0.23.2-2 2016-May-18
Sensu config.json cannot be left blank 2016-May-18
Solved: postfix lost connection after EHLO on RHEL7 2016-Apr-28
Enabling Jumbo Frames on RHEL7 with nmcli 2016-Apr-18
Posted in: 2015
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RHEL7 Core (Minimal Install) vs. Base (Infrastructure Server) Packages 2015-Dec-31
Installing Jenkins stable on RHEL7 minimal 2015-May-17
Posted in: 2014
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/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lz 2014-Oct-29
How Does Hyperthreading Affect an ALLPATHS-LG Run? 2014-Oct-23
How to Install Canon ip4000R Wireless Printer Driver on OS X 10.9 2014-Aug-11
Posted in: 2013
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Apache, MySQL, PHP on OS X 10.9 Mavericks with MacPorts 2013-Dec-06
Monitoring Drupal with Sensu 2013-Aug-11
Installing sensu-admin on RHEL6 2013-Aug-07
Solved: Apple Mail, Smart Mailboxes, and Exchange Junk Email 2013-Aug-07
Installing rpy2 2.3.x and numpy on RHEL6 2013-Jul-30
Moving MySQL Binary Logs to a New LVM Logical Volume 2013-Jun-04
How to Change an SVN Commit Message Retroactively 2013-May-17
Drupal 7 and Cannot decode raw data (NSURLErrorDomain:-1015) 2013-Apr-05
Solved: The updates you are trying to apply are not Dell-authorized updates 2013-Mar-13
CCK - The New Fragrance 2013-Feb-20
iSCSI on RHEL6: Targets, Initiators and SANs 2013-Feb-08
Solved: yum says TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, list found 2013-Feb-07
Renewing SAS for Linux at the Command line 2013-Feb-06
Solved: internal error boot orders have to be contiguous and starting from 1 2013-Jan-30
Using a Proxy to Access EPEL from an Internal Network 2013-Jan-29
Solved: iSCSI disconnects and timeouts after successful login 2013-Jan-21
Solved: Apache SSL virtual host says "\x16\x03\x01" 2013-Jan-03
Posted in: 2012
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Solved: pubcookie access to file failed, reason: verification of user id '<null>' not configured 2012-Dec-19
Darwin Streaming Server RPM for RHEL6 2012-Dec-06
EnGenius ECB9500 firmware 2.3.3 enables SNMP monitoring 2012-Nov-01
Configuring syslog for Drupal 7 on OS X 10.7 or 10.8 or 10.9 2012-Sep-12
Which packages are in yum groupinstall "Web Server"? 2012-Aug-20
Dell OptiPlex 9010 Motherboard Layout Doesn't Allow Large GPU Cards 2012-Jul-26
Solution to Permission denied to /etc/mtab 2012-Jul-12
Solution to VM missing from Virtual Machine Manager 2012-Apr-18
Using RHEL6 to share RAID volume via iSCSI: the Mystery of the Missing LUN 2012-Apr-16
RHEV 3.0 Firewall Annotated iptables Configuration for Netfilter 2012-Mar-02
Why Your KVM Network Bridge Isn't Working 2012-Feb-29
Solved: Renaming em1 to eth0 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 2012-Feb-23
Posted in: 2011
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Solved: Mystery DHCP Requests from Dell R815 Broadcom NeXtreme II NICs 2011-Dec-15
Slides from DrupalCamp Iowa 2011 2011-Sep-18
Solution to Invalid command 'PubcookieAppID' 2011-Aug-30
Installing rpy and rpy2 on RHEL6 2011-Jun-08
Solution to nodereference_autocomplete_access error 2011-Jun-06
Adding threads support to perl built by MacPorts 2011-Jun-06
Mail Forwarding on OS X Server 10.5 Leopard: Using /etc/aliases 2011-May-24
Solution to scp missing on Minimal RHEL6 Install 2011-May-18
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 on Dell OptiPlex 990 Initial Impressions 2011-Apr-13
Nonparsing Apache Log Messages Solved 2011-Mar-31
Uptrendhits review 2011-Mar-17
Compiling and Installing Pubcookie on 64-bit RHEL6 2011-Mar-03
Installing php-mbstring on RHEL6 2011-Mar-01
Graphing the ENVIROMUX-MINI Temperature Probe with Cacti 2011-Feb-17
Using a Polycom CX300 USB Phone with Communicator for Mac 13 in Office 2011 2011-Feb-14
SSH Key-Based Authentication on RHEL6 2011-Feb-09
Solved: Mac Pro Losing Connection to USB Kinesis Keyboard 2011-Feb-07
Creating Open Packaging Conventions files with zip on OS X 10.6 2011-Feb-04
Anonymizing Reviewer Identity in Microsoft Word 2011 with Ruby and Automator 2011-Feb-03
Installing miRNAkey on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard 2011-Feb-01
Custom Reporting for CrashPlan PRO using Python and the REST API 2011-Jan-18
Pro Drupal Development, Third Edition arrives 2011-Jan-13
Posted in: 2010
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Solution to SAS 9.2 Installer Crashing on Windows 7 on VMWare Fusion 2010-Dec-15
Logrotate configuration file for Apache Solr on RHEL5 2010-Nov-24
Installing PHP 5.2 (or 5.3) on RHEL5 the easy way 2010-Nov-08
Moving /tmp to RAM and pleasing SELinux on RHEL5 2010-Nov-03
Subtle Indicator You've Been at the CLI Too Long Today 2010-Oct-14
Installing an Intel X25-E SSD on FreeBSD 8.1 2010-Oct-14
Drupal In BSD Magazine 2010-Oct-13
Solr Multicore with Drupal Apachesolr Module 2010-Oct-13
Using Mac OS X 10.6 to Create a Bootable FreeBSD 8.1 Installer on a USB Memory Stick 2010-Oct-08
Installing BioPerl on Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard in 6 Easy Steps 2010-Oct-07
Thanks for testing, OWC 2010-Sep-07
Hyper-V + Opteron 6100 + RHEL5 = Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception 2010-Aug-31
Multiple monitors with Windows 7 and an ATI FirePro 2460 (FireMV) 2010-Aug-06
Command-line backup for VMWare Fusion Virtual Machines 2010-Jun-08
Changing Drupal database URLs programmatically from the command line 2010-Jun-07
Effects of Changing vfs.ufs.dirhash_maxmem in FreeBSD 2010-May-24
CrashPlan PRO and Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 7 2010-May-19
Setting Up GeoIP Lookup in awstats on RHEL5 2010-May-19
Good job, G-Tech 2010-May-17
Slides from Batch vs. Queue: an API Smackdown 2010-Apr-20
Installing Microsoft TrueType fonts on RHEL5, Step by Step 2010-Apr-12
Recovering from a terminal full of gibberish 2010-Mar-17
Solution for "Could not create the Java Virtual Machine" 2010-Mar-15
Adding memory to a Dell Latitude D620 2010-Mar-12
Solution to 100% CPU Usage by Linux Guest on VMWare Fusion 2010-Feb-12
Solution to Error 1327: Invalid Drive 2010-Feb-08
Western Digital My Book 2TB Smartware Not So Smart 2010-Feb-08
Cacti Segfaulting on CentOS5 2010-Jan-24
Posted in: 2009
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APC UPS and Snow Leopard Server Not Communicating 2009-Dec-14
Performance presentation, Des Moines Web Geeks 2009-Sep-22
Installing mytop on RHEL5 2009-Sep-08
Eudora, Snow Leopard and Kerberos 2009-Sep-01
RHEL5 won't install on Dell OptiPlex 745 with more than 4G RAM 2009-Aug-19
Postliteracy 2009-Aug-18
Programmatically suspending, quitting, and resuming Parallels Desktop for scheduled backup 2009-Jul-22
Deduplicating Drupal history table 2009-Jul-21
Negative deletion 2009-Jul-08
Example: How to install a package for R on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard 2009-Jul-07
Blast2GO BLAST results not opening in Mac web browser 2009-Jun-25
Permissions fix for Podcast Producer 2009-Jun-23
Waterroof is incredulous 2009-Jun-02
Moving Swap on OS X 10.5 Leopard 2009-Jun-02
A Drupal Shop to Avoid 2009-May-20
OS X: To Protect and Serve 2009-Apr-06
yum update missing dependencies on RHEL5 2009-Mar-23
Posted in: 2008
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Drupal on Cover of Information Week 2008-Nov-20
Interviewed 2008-Oct-03
ImageMagick, MacPorts and MAMP 2008-Sep-03
What Pro Drupal Development is, and What it Is Not 2008-Aug-21
Call to undefined function cache_get() 2008-Aug-21
Pro Drupal Development, Second Edition arrives 2008-Aug-18
Installing APC on RHEL5 2008-Aug-12
Go ahead and ignore 2008-Apr-28
Second edition progress 2008-Apr-27
Workflow 5.x-2.0 released 2008-Apr-20
Growth of Drupal 2008-Mar-14
Letter to Dries, July 2004 2008-Mar-10
Slides from Drupalcon Boston 2008 2008-Mar-10
XServe RAID discontinued 2008-Feb-26
Drupalcon 2008 actions session 2008-Feb-25
How to Speed up Drupal Forum Pages on a Busy Site 2008-Feb-05
TCP Tuning for Busy Apache Webserver on CentOS5 2008-Feb-04
Multistep Forms with Lookup Functions that Change Values 2008-Jan-29
FCKEditor toolbar will not appear - solution 2008-Jan-24
Cannot install OS X Server Admin software on Leopard 2008-Jan-22
Posted in: 2007
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Using Word 2007 Blog functionality to post to Drupal via the MetaWeblog API 2007-Dec-13
Subversion server on OS X 10.5 2007-Dec-13
Apache [client ::1] requests, broken pipes, virtual hosts and Drupal 2007-Nov-30
Time Machine cannot do a full restore 2007-Nov-21
Innovation 2007-Nov-14
Blank white pages when submitting forms in Drupal 2007-Nov-13
Installing Drupal on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard 2007-Nov-07
Leopard and SoftRAID 2007-Nov-06
Leopard firewall 2007-Nov-06
Watching traffic on FreeBSD 2007-Nov-02
Drupal wallpaper 2007-Oct-26
IIS6.0, FastCGI Go Live, Windows Server 2003 2007-Oct-23
Mann pages 2007-Oct-09
Solution to iMovie 6.0.3 consistent crashes 2007-Sep-25
Daily Paul moves to a VPS 2007-Sep-18
Drupal, Grassroots Political Activism and the Ron Paul Campaign 2007-Jun-23
Pro Drupal Development on Slashdot 2007-Jun-06
Writing an action for Drupal 6 2007-Jun-04
It's shipping! 2007-Apr-17
Drupal book printed 2007-Apr-12
InfoWorld stops print publication 2007-Apr-06
Transparent bridging firewall 2007-Apr-02
Off to the Printer 2007-Apr-02
Online/Offline Applications 2007-Mar-27
OSCMS 2007 2007-Mar-27
Zend Platform on an Intel Mac 2007-Mar-16
Oh so close! 2007-Mar-13
Searching Drupal code 2007-Mar-13
Proofreading 2007-Feb-24
Book progress 2007-Feb-13
Book progress 2007-Feb-02
Book progress 2007-Jan-18
Replacing the battery in a Casio Databank 150 watch 2007-Jan-08
addedValues 2007-Jan-07
Zend Studio 5.5 debugging on OS X via Ubuntu and Parallels 2007-Jan-02
Posted in: 2006
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Cultural awareness 2006-Dec-29
Drupal book 2006-Nov-29
Serving static files with Apache and directories with url aliasing in Drupal using mod_rewrite 2006-Nov-09
Safari contextual menu for applying Drupal patches 2006-Oct-29
ImageLabeler and tagging games 2006-Oct-17
Eudora goes open source 2006-Oct-11
Drupal 4.6 and PHP 5 2006-Oct-04
Remote PHP Debugging on Intel-based Macs with Komodo 2006-Sep-20
MapServer and Drupal 2006-Jul-28
Nutch and Drupal 2006-Jun-18
Book progress 2006-May-25
Pubcookie for Drupal 4.7 2006-May-09
Script for automating Drupal installation 2006-May-08
Drupal 4.7 released 2006-May-01
Progress 2006-Apr-15
Resource contention 2006-Feb-28
OSCMS 2006-Feb-09
Pre-OSCMS Summit 2006-Feb-04
Token-based authentication 2006-Jan-24
Writing 2006-Jan-14
Pubcookie, LDAP and Drupal 2006-Jan-06
Vancouver 2006-Jan-05
Posted in: 2005
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Pubcookie module 2005-Dec-28
Pubcoookie 2005-Dec-27
Book plan 2005-Dec-26