Zend Platform on an Intel Mac

Finally. After over a year, Zend has recompiled their debugging extension so it will run on Intel Macs. That's the good news. The bad news is that now it's part of their enterprise-class Zend Platform product.

I'm running the 30-day trial, and was able to install it by running the install shell script and choosing the manual option to enter my Apache settings. Apache wouldn't restart after the installation because of course the xdebug extension that I had enabled in my php.ini file needed to be disabled.


No mention of Mac on your Zend Platform link now.
I *finally* found the universal binary Zend Debugger extension here:
It installs with the standard Zend studio installer on PPC but not on intel!

Hi friend,
I am a drupal developer too and I want to buy a macbook. I really need to use an ide with debug capability, something like zend studio. Which is your final choice?

Thanks in advance,