Second edition progress

I thought I'd update everyone on the progress of the second edition of Pro Drupal Development.

The second edition will cover Drupal 6, and is expanded to cover new core topics like actions, triggers, AHAH, etc.

I am currently ahead of my writing schedule. It looks like I will be able to work on the book intensively in May when I will be taking some vacation from my day job. This means that I will have the final chapter in about four weeks from today.


I seem to be getting more and more questions about when the new version is going to be out - thanks for a public update that I can point people to ;-)

Thanks for the update, John. Like many others, I'm really looking forward to the second edition!

The nice thing about a second edition is you get to go back and rethink everything with a fresh mind and a year's more experience under your belt. As I review the chapters that John is writing I'm seeing this book transform from the great and useful resource it already was to a work of greater authority and accuracy. Whether it is in the fixing of errata, or the tweaking of the presentation of ideas, or the large quantity of new information, this book is going to successfully build upon and exceed the quality of the first edition. Great work, John!

Thanks for such a great job and keeping us up to date, in all senses! I'm looking forward to it.

Already ordered. Can't wait.

One of the very useful feature of the book was examples presented made it easier to turn those in to complete modules. I personally created a custom module to interface with a propritory system using the example.

I suggest create a companion site with the book where readers can share their derived code from the book examples. Many times the derived code is custom and it would not be ready (or even right) to create a contributed module for However sharing such code in a simple way (with caveats "provided as is, no support") can really help several readers to learn from each other and build on the examples.

I would have happily shared my code, but didn't have time to make a full fledged module and was not sure it is worth the effort to continue to support it. But if I had a platform, it may have helped somebody instead of reinventing the code.

Apress books are the best. Your book was one of the most helpful as I was learning Drupal. Can't wait for the next version.



I plan to upgrade my book for this second edition.