Pro Drupal Development, Second Edition arrives

The author's copies of Pro Drupal Development, Second Edition arrived today. At 667 pages, the book is significantly thicker than the first edition!

I worked on this edition from November of 2007 to July 2008 pretty much without stopping. One morning my daughter found me in the living room writing a chapter at 3 am. It is difficult to express how much work this book has been, and how happy I am to hold the printed copy in my hands. Those who have written books will understand. :) I am glad to finally have it get into the hands of Drupal developers everywhere, and I hope that this contribution helps to complete the transition from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. Thanks so much to all who have helped with this project!

Profits from the book go to this little guy's college fund. (And if you buy it through, the Drupal Association gets a percentage of each sale.)


Can you also add links to the German, French and Japanese Amazon sites on

Hi John,

congrats on the book. I preordered two months ago and look very much forward to it

Yay! Congrats, John!

So will there be a release party next week in szeged?

You can have one on my behalf! (I won't be able to make it to Szeged.)

I know you can't see this but I'm doing a little Drupal Book release dance in my cube right now.

Preordered the book on Monday and really exited about it!

Hey John, Congratulations!

I bought the 1st edition before realising that you already started working on the 2nd! It was still a really useful book but we already started using D6 so and I'm definitely getting this one for myself and our developers.

Good stuff.


Hi John,

Congratulations on the release of the book. I am a student from India, and I want to buy a copy of this book.

However, for this book there has been no Indian reprint, and the dollar to Indian rupee conversion is very high. As an author, can you please push the Apress guys to have an Indian reprint? I am emailing Apress myself too.

If any other readers of this blog would like to help me out, it'll be great - e.g. Indians who frequently travel to USA. I'm more than happy to pay "Indianized" price for the book - about Rs. 300-400.

Thank you very much!

Hi John, I love my copy that I'm reviewing for Apress. Chapter 12 was the first chapter I read because of a current project and it was just right to get me not only started but daydreaming of what I can do in terms of legacy sites linked to Drupal's search index. Oh, sometimes I only see the front 3 faces of the box, so thanks for expanding and updating the book. It's really what everyone needed I think!