Solved: internal error boot orders have to be contiguous and starting from 1

I exported a VM from RHEV 3.0 to an export domain. Then I imported the VM into RHEV 3.1.

I was surprised that the VM would not start. Instead, I got this message:

Exit message: internal error boot orders have to be contiguous and starting from 1

Upon further inspection, the boot order information was completely missing from the imported KVM definition:


Using a Proxy to Access EPEL from an Internal Network

I had some RHEL6 boxes on an internal network that had no access to the internet. But I wanted to install packages from EPEL via yum. The answer was to set up a proxy server and tell these internal boxes to use the proxy. Approach:

  1. Set up Squid proxy on a server that has access to the internet

Solved: iSCSI disconnects and timeouts after successful login

Consider the following from /var/log/messages:


Solved: Apache SSL virtual host says "\x16\x03\x01"

When setting up a second SSL Apache virtual host, you may be frustrated when your browser can't connect and tells you something like

Safari can't establish a secure connection to the server "servername"

In your ssl_request_log you see baffling entries like this:

"\x16\x03\x01" 240
"\x16\x03" 240

This is because you have forgotten to enable SSL for your virtual host with the following:

SSLEngine on

You'll probably need some other SSL-based directives in there, too.




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