Pubcookie module

Finished the pubcookie module for Drupal today. (Hmm, project module's url aliasing for projects seems to be broken on I'd expect it to be at I began adding support for LDAP population of new users, but decided to check it in before feature creep set in too much.


Spent a good part of the day writing a module to enable pubcookie-based authentication in Drupal. Unfortunately pubcookie works a little differently than Drupal's built-in distributed authentication expects, as the username and password are not entered into Drupal's login form but on a separate, secure server.

user.module is a little hairy. I should clarify; I spent little time writing the module (that's easy) and more time tracing paths of execution for authentication.

Book plan

I've decided to start working on a manuscript for a book on developing with Drupal.

Drupal has seen explosive growth in the last year and a book presenting Drupal's core concepts and approaches to common problems will help a new wave of developers to get up to speed quickly.

I am aiming for coverage of Drupal 4.7. (Update: probably 5.0 too.)

About John

John VanDyk's introduction to computer technology began with the Apple II. His early software included GradeWorks, a classroom management suite patterned after Apple's highly successful AppleWorks and a word processor for children called StoryWriter, used in elementary school classrooms.

John at the age of 13 in the computer room of the Gesamtschule, Tübingen. (That's a DEC VT52.)


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