I've updated the information on the actions/workflow session at the upcoming Drupal Conference in Vancouver.

Drupal has a bright future. Recently merlinofchaos added CCK support to the views module. That means you can now create arbitrary content types and view them in predefined ways that, thanks to sortable tables and the pager, are still interactive. At the CCK design meetings in Antwerp, we had planned CCK views to be deferred until after CCK's adoption. Wow -- it's already here.

Pubcookie module

Finished the pubcookie module for Drupal today. (Hmm, project module's url aliasing for projects seems to be broken on I'd expect it to be at I began adding support for LDAP population of new users, but decided to check it in before feature creep set in too much.

I learn something new from sepeck almost every day. Click the track tab on that page to see how prolific he is. Today I learned the proper place for module documentation.


Spent a good part of the day writing a module to enable pubcookie-based authentication in Drupal. Unfortunately pubcookie works a little differently than Drupal's built-in distributed authentication expects, as the username and password are not entered into Drupal's login form but on a separate, secure server.

user.module is a little hairy. I should clarify; I spent little time writing the module (that's easy) and more time tracing paths of execution for authentication.

Book plan

I've decided to start working on a manuscript for a book on developing with Drupal.

Drupal has seen explosive growth in the last year and a book presenting Drupal's core concepts and approaches to common problems will help a new wave of developers to get up to speed quickly.

I am aiming for coverage of Drupal 4.7. (Update: probably 5.0 too.)


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