Token-based authentication

Drupal embraces other technologies. It's a bit like universal glue. There's a proposal to add token-based web service authentication to Drupal.



I've completed two chapters so far of the Drupal book, Sessions and Writing a Module. Next up, I'm tackling the form API. For that, and in preparation for Vancouver, I need to delve deep into the form code. So far it's been a nice clean place.

Pubcookie, LDAP and Drupal

Checked in the new version of the pubcookie module, which now has configurable support for LDAP. I also added LDAP-to-profile mapping. When a new user logs in with pubcookie, the LDAP query can populate the user's profile if you've made profile field names match your directory server's field names. That's the Way it Should Be. Single-sign on with zero manual data entry.


I've updated the information on the actions/workflow session at the upcoming Drupal Conference in Vancouver.


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