Script for automating Drupal installation

I do a lot of testing with Drupal, so I need a quick and easy way to create a new Drupal site, create the associated database, and get started. There are probably better solutions out there, but this is what I use. It's a bash script that I developed with the help of killes sometime last year. I just updated it for Drupal 4.7.

Now when I want to create a new Drupal site I just type

newdrupal47 foo bar

Drupal 4.7 released

Two major projects have been released. The first is Drupal 4.7.

The second is code-named Nathaniel.

Would you believe that the first project actually took longer?!



I'm nearly ready to submit the first set of chapters to the publisher.

I'm also revisiting the publish and subscribe modules. Finished 4.6 and 4.7 versions coming soon.

I was able to hear Ray Kurzweil speak this past week at the Human Computer Interaction Forum I attended.

Baby coming soon, too!

Resource contention

I've spent the past two days migrating a very busy community site from a Windows server in Georgia to a FreeBSD server in Iowa. The new server is faster hardware, but even so the server is living on the edge of available CPU and memory. This is good, because it means I'll have to learn more about tuning a busy Drupal server.

I'm off to Washington, D.C. for a bit to work on a BEN project. I see the long shadows of CCK, actions, workflow, and views playing a big part.



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