Book progress

I'm extremely pleased to note that Matt Westgate of Lullabot has agreed to be a coauthor on the book. I'm pleased not only because Matt brings a wealth of Drupal experience to this endeavor, but because I'll be having lunch with him more often.

Pubcookie for Drupal 4.7

I've just committed a version of the pubcookie module that's compatible with Drupal 4.7. I also added a bit to the README to explain how the pubcookie module works:

Script for automating Drupal installation

I do a lot of testing with Drupal, so I need a quick and easy way to create a new Drupal site, create the associated database, and get started. There are probably better solutions out there, but this is what I use. It's a bash script that I developed with the help of killes sometime last year. I just updated it for Drupal 4.7.

Now when I want to create a new Drupal site I just type

newdrupal47 foo bar

Drupal 4.7 released

Two major projects have been released. The first is Drupal 4.7.

The second is code-named Nathaniel.

Would you believe that the first project actually took longer?!



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