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Serving static files with Apache and directories with url aliasing in Drupal using mod_rewrite

A common task is to move a static site to a Drupal site. For example, you might have


You think to yourself, "I'll just leave the image files on the existing filesystem. They don't really need to go into Drupal anyway." So after your content migration is complete your content is in Drupal but you've got the following left in the directory:


What happens when someone tries to go to http://example.com/site/2004/ ?


Safari contextual menu for applying Drupal patches

I wanted an easy way to test patches, so here's what I did.

Downloaded OnMyCommand.

Copied the OMCEdit application folder to Applications.

Ran the script Install OnMyCommandCM (I checked it out in Script Editor first.)

Logged out and logged back in.

Followed this tutorial.

ImageLabeler and tagging games

The biggest obstacle to implementing metadata-driven systems is getting those who have the best knowledge to actually enter the metadata. Entering metadata for content is widely seen as a chore, and that grumbling sound you hear is the sound of all those users whose managers have made the metadata mandatory.



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