ImageLabeler and tagging games

The biggest obstacle to implementing metadata-driven systems is getting those who have the best knowledge to actually enter the metadata. Entering metadata for content is widely seen as a chore, and that grumbling sound you hear is the sound of all those users whose managers have made the metadata mandatory.


Eudora goes open source

Eudora, the venerable mail client, will be open-sourced and merge somehow with Thunderbird. Specifics are at the Penelope wiki.

I've used Eudora since it first came out. I still do. The only other mail client that has really tempted me is Mailsmith because of its close integration with BBEdit. Unfortunately Mailsmith had no Kerberos support when I checked it out.

Drupal 4.6 and PHP 5

I'm running PHP 5.1.6 and wanted to do some testing with the publish and subscribe modules for Drupal. This is the first time I've had PHP5 on my development machine for a variety of mundane reasons. Drupal 4.7 runs fine with PHP5, but imagine my surprise when a fresh install of Drupal 4.6.9 looked like this:

Remote PHP Debugging on Intel-based Macs with Komodo

I got a new computer. Yay! It's a Mac Pro.

So naturally I want to set up my Drupal working environment on it.

However, I use the Zend IDE and the Zend Studio Server debugger will not run on Intel-based Macs. No, seriously. It's inexcusable.


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