Installing rpy2 2.3.x and numpy on RHEL6

R from EPEL has been updated to version 3.

We would like to run rpy2 but as of rpy2 version 2.3.x, it requires Python 2.7.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 comes with Python 2.6.

So we need Python 2.7 so we can use rpy2 2.3 so we can use R 3.

The solution is to create a Python virtualenv containing Python 2.7 and install rpy2 in there. That way a user can log in and get Python 2.7 when they type python at the command line.


Moving MySQL Binary Logs to a New LVM Logical Volume

I had a RHEL6 machine with lots of large MySQL binary log files in /var/log/mysql and was in need of more space on that volume. I am running MySQL 5.5 from IUS.

The system had an unused LVM logical volume. So I proceeded to mount the LVM logical volume at /var/log/mysql so that binary logs would get written to the logical volume.

Step one: unmount the logical volume

Not strictly necessary for a rename but a nice precaution.

How to Change an SVN Commit Message Retroactively

Changing an SVN commit message retroactively involves two steps. First, the repository must have a hook enabled. Then the svn client must issue a propset command.

On the subversion server:

cd /var/www/svn/myrepository/hooks
cp pre-revprop-change.tmpl pre-revprop-change
chmod u+x pre-revprop-change
chown apache:apache pre-revprop-change

Line-by-line explanation:

Drupal 7 and Cannot decode raw data (NSURLErrorDomain:-1015)

This error is related to caching and compression. Wish I had time to dig deeper now, but I don't.

For us, it happened when a database was moved to a new server without turning off anonymous page caching first.

Solved by:

1. Adding the following line to settings.php:

$conf['page_compression'] = FALSE

2. Logging into the site using Firefox (not Safari) and going to and hitting the Clear All Caches button.



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