Book progress

The first few chapters of Pro Drupal Development have now entered the final phase, "Production". This means we're looking at copy-ready text exactly as it will appear in the printed book and just trying to find errors.

Book progress

Yee-haw! Pro Drupal Development has entered the copy editing stage. That means correcting stylistic errors and typos. One step closer to publication!

Book progress

We're in the midst of a final push to get the Drupal book done. Writing, revising, getting feedback, revising again. It's nice that Drupal 5 is out so we have a definite codebase to work with!

Replacing the battery in a Casio Databank 150 watch

[Update February, 2013: It's amazing how things have changed in a few short years. Everyone now uses their phone for all these functions.]

Like many self-respecting technology professionals, I wear a Casio Databank watch. In my case, it's the Databank 150. And when the battery conks out, you'd think that it was time to visit the local jeweler's or K-Mart service desk to get the battery replaced. You can do this, but only do it to watch the look of horror that appears when you hand them the Databank. "Oh, no, we can't service those. You need to send it in to the factory!"


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