Searching Drupal code

Often I find myself in the position of having to find something in the Drupal codebase. It's easy to do; from the command line:

cd drupal5
grep -rn contact .

This recursively searches the code for Drupal 5 and returns all occurrences of the word "contact", along with the filename and line number. Suppose I'm searching for the places where the contact database table is updated in Drupal. I can pipe the results into another grep:


In the mad scramble to get this book to press, it seems to be a whirlwind of proofing, fonts, subtle errors in figures, and a ton of other last-minute minutiae.

Book progress

The first few chapters of Pro Drupal Development have now entered the final phase, "Production". This means we're looking at copy-ready text exactly as it will appear in the printed book and just trying to find errors.

Book progress

Yee-haw! Pro Drupal Development has entered the copy editing stage. That means correcting stylistic errors and typos. One step closer to publication!


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