Installing php-mbstring on RHEL6

I wanted to install the mbstring PHP extension on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. But to my surprise, it wasn't there:

# yum install php-mbstring
Loaded plugins: rhnplugin
Setting up Install Process
No package php-mbstring available.
Error: Nothing to do

That's because the package is in the RHEL Server Optional repository.

I went into RHN and enabled the repository:


Graphing the ENVIROMUX-MINI Temperature Probe with Cacti

We use an ENVIROMUX-MINI to monitor temperature in the server room. This unit makes its data available over ethernet via SNMP. You can get the current temperature recorded by its probe with:


Using a Polycom CX300 USB Phone with Communicator for Mac 13 in Office 2011

Where I work we have the option to use Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007R2 (now known as Microsoft Lync). When Office 2011 for Mac came out, I and other Macintosh users rejoiced, as we could now join the ranks of people sending and receiving phone calls from our computers (in the previous version, Macintosh users could receive -- but not send! -- calls).

SSH Key-Based Authentication on RHEL6

You've set up your new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 box and you can ssh in using passwords with no problem.

But now you want to stop using passwords and start using keys. So you install your keys:

scp .ssh/

But the system keeps prompting you for a password! The keys don't seem to work at all.

That might be because SELinux is preventing it because the proper attributes are not on the authorized_keys file. Or possibly you have permissions wrong on your .ssh directory. The solution:



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