Dell OptiPlex 9010 Motherboard Layout Doesn't Allow Large GPU Cards

Perhaps you'll remember me staring in disbelief when Dell placed a heatsink directly behind the PCIe slot in the OptiPlex 990 (apparently it's also the case in the 980).

You'll be happy to know that the motherboard layout has changed with the OptiPlex 9010.

Instead of being unable to seat your GeForce GTX560 card (for example) because of a heatsink, you'll simply need to unplug all of your SATA devices, since the SATA ports are behind the 16x PCIe slot.

But John, I hear you saying, why not use the other slot, the one near the edge of the case? It's a 16x slot, isn't it? Well, according to the spec sheet it's actually a "full height PCIE x16 (wired x4)." Thud.